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Documentation of live  performance// duration variable

March 2019, Gerrit Rietveld Academie



Aritst © Tia Yoon and Jieun Kim

Video © Qianfu Chenny Yu


Audiences enter an immersive space covered with pages of drawings of broken figures, Korean sentences from language courses, and blank pages. Two people in white sit in the corner, whispering poetry and diary entries in Chinese and Korean that they each wrote, speaking to one another as if they are having a conversation. The two sounds synchronize, hovering around the space through speakers. The two in white then leave the space while holding hands, dropping the papers they have been reading from.


Layers of complicated and unattainable communication are built: the artists whispering to each other in a language that the other cannot understand, yet it looks and sounds like a shared conversation to those from the west who cannot understand Asian languages.

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